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Fifteen minutes of fame

Well, not really, but it was nice to hear from those lovely people at Myeloma UK asking if I'd like to put forward my story for consideration to feature on their London to Paris Ride website and social media channels. Of course I leapt at the opportunity and after a couple of iterations I'm delighted to report that my story is there for all to see. Apart from a dodgy selfie I'm quite pleased with it.

And the original picture...

A sunny ride in Essex

In other news, the training continues to run more or less to plan. In a rather brave move for me two weekends ago I decided to do one of my 'long rides' (87 km in this instance) heading north into the Peak District. We all know it's called the Peak District for a reason, but I was feeling rested after a week away on holiday so I thought I'd confront a decent hill or two. The start of the ride took me up to Carsington Water, a man-made reservoir and local tourist spot which I decided would prove to be a good point for a coffee stop. The journey from home was essentially 20 km of steady climb, into a 'firm' wind, with little respite. I don't know whether I'd not fuelled properly or just not drunk enough but by the time I approached Carsington I was ready to give up. I'm pleased to say that 20 km on the flat is now nothing to really think about so I was very bothered by why the addition of a bit of a climb had had such a devastating effect on me. A coffee (which was pretty awful by the way) and sugar-laden cake later, I set off again, somewhat anxious about the rest of the ride, not least because I'd been warned of the severity of the climb up to Crich that was to follow about 10 km further down the road. Fortunately, the coffee and cake had clearly done it's stuff and I felt remarkably refreshed once I got my legs moving again. I made a point from there on to drink more and eat something at least every 10 km (I know that strictly speaking you should pace your food intake by time, but I find it easier to do it by distance). This seemed to have the desired effect and I was able to complete the remaining 67 km without a further stop. So, big lesson learned for me is to KEEP DRINKING (I'm convinced that I still don't take on fluids at the rate I should do and as the weather improves, I MUST get better at this) and EAT REGULARLY (I'm better at this - eating has never been a problem for me!) but I don't tend to start soon enough on the ride.

With my next couple of long rides this weekend, I'm determined to do better.

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